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✔️ The same 8 secrets the world’s top copywriters use to actually “assemble” high converting funnels, instead of “writing” them

✔️ The shockingly simple formula for crafting irresistible headlines AND HOOKS that grab readers amongst the sea of noise, and get them to take action

✔️ Proven techniques to tap into your audience’s deepest emotions and motivations, forging strong connections that drive customer loyalty

✔️ The art of storytelling and how to weave narratives that engage and resonate with your readers, creating memorable brand experiences

✔️ ONE thing you must do before finding the killer hook for your offers which will make prospects knock down your door to work with you

✔️ How to know if you’re using the right words before you even begin writing. No more stressing or second guessing yourself

✔️ Why you always have to give great content in your copy, even if your goal is to sell as many of your programs as possible

✔️ The simple “10-minute method” I use to create a powerful, persuasive brand-voice which attracts the type of clients you would love

✔️ How you to eliminate the guesswork in your copy, your USPs, and your sales messages so you start hitting home runs with ease

✔️ The uncommon reason why info marketers who get to 7 figures in revenue can lose suddenly see their profits plummet, seemingly out of nowhere… and how to avoid it (and it has nothing to do with your copy, your products, or your backstory)

✔️ THREE simple tweaks you’ll need to guarantee your copy never comes across as pushy and salesy - and is seen by your clients as helpful and convenient

✔️ The 30-second secret you can use to write compelling headlines that suck in your audience's attention and get them ready to buy

✔️ What you should never do with your email list if you want to get maximum sales from it. It’ll seem weird, yet I’ll show you why it makes sense

✔️ The truth about good ads, and how making ONE simple mistake can suddenly burn out your entire advertising budget without giving you ROI

✔️ The 3 elements you must focus on before writing a single word of copy to virtually guarantee sales

✔️ How to always stay ahead of your competitors, even if they steal what you create and write!

✔️ How you can create a first impression which makes you irresistible to potential clients and customers

✔️ The "veteran-level" accelerated training and copywriting shortcuts to “churn out” hooks and headlines that create 6 and 7-figure product lines

✔️ An arsenal additional bonus training for building a high-integrity brand with a distinct brand voice, with an amazing backstory that can help you dominate your niche FAST
✔️ The authentic, elusive and century-old persuasion principles that eliminate the need for complicated funnels and salesy call scripts

✔️ ​Structured shortcuts and copywriting secrets for building a high-profile, high-integrity brand and creating a flood of conversions without coming across as "sleazy"… and WITHOUT working harder than you need to

✔️ ​The "A-List Cheatsheet" to help simplify and streamline your entire writing processes - and eliminate your worries about what to write, who to delegate to, and whether or not your copy will convert
✔️ Uncover some of the same storytelling systems I've used to create winning, authentic sales funnels for some of the top influencers around - in a way that conveys personality AND builds trust

✔️ Understand how to quickly hone the skills and confidence you’d need to know whether or not your sales pages, ads, and funnels were set up to convert BEFORE you even launch

✔️ Get an inside look at how world-class copywriters and marketers write 6 and 7-figure campaigns while building a highly responsive list of people who know, like, and trust you

✔️ Get the chance to stop relying on complicated funnels and sleazy sales scripts for GOOD (and let your writing do all the talking FOR you)

✔️ Discover the secret for writing higher-converting landing pages fast, and see firsthand how you can do the same thing for yourself without needing to worry about what to write, who to entrust to, and whether or not your copy will convert

✔️ Effective persuasion techniques, to overcome objections, build trust, and effortlessly guide your audience towards making confident buying decisions

✔️ And MUCH more…

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Your Handbook Will Teach You The Shortcuts for Creating Authentic Sales Messages That Convert, and Help You Create a Massive Following As You Transform Into A Go-To-Leader In Your Niche


BONUS 1: Authority Sales Page Swipe Files, Containing World Class Copy That Was Responsible for Generating 6-Figure Promos for Prestigious Clients

BONUS 2: “Automatic Authority” Video Training and Target Audience Cheat Sheets
BONUS 3: ​The Authority Brand Voice Guide, So You Can Quickly Capture An Authentic Brand Voice That Captivates... AND Converts Insanely Well

BONUS 4: The Authority "Cheatsheet" You Can Run Your Copy Through in 30 Seconds, So You Know Whether or Not It Will Convert BEFORE You Launch

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