See How These 8 PROVEN, 125-Year-Old "Writing Secrets" Create Massive Conversions, Grow  Cult-Like Followings, and Scale 'Average Businesses' Into Industry Leaders...

...even if you're a beginner, don't want to write, or can't get a business off the ground (yet)

The 8 secrets you're about to discover were molded and refined from century-old written persuasion principles and are currently used by renowned influencers, mainstream celebrities, high-net-worth coaches, and even powerful politicians...


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The Authority Copywriting Handbook has been in the-making for nearly a decade.

The timeless and intensive methods in this powerful handbook show you how to quickly replicate the inner workings of today's leading, high-profit, high-profile businesses.

And inside The Authority Copywriting Handbook…

You'll blast through fears and barriers, and access the well-kept “A-List copywriter tricks of the trade” and develop the same skills that world-renowned industry leaders taught, know, or continue to use for themselves.

Most of these principles are STILL used by 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs, highly-influential leaders, and world-class freelancers who already mastered the craft.

(In fact, I've been directly mentored by many of them since 2013.)

These are the same principles which dissolve those feelings of being rushed, intimidated, self-consciousness, overwhelmed,  or disappointed with your copy.

The best part?

I've Simplified and Distilled Every "A-List Copywriting Trick of The Trade" Into ONE Powerful Formula You Can Use - Starting Today - Even if You're A Beginner

Every piece of content inside was compiled and obsessively edited, re-tested, and refined since 2013…

And I applied everything inside of this over and over while being closely involved within the inner workings of globally respected 7 and 8-figure companies…

Start ups…

High-powered agencies...

And everything in between...

While testing, proving, and perfecting each principle month after month.

Yet you can easily learn, understand, and use everything in this handbook on your own…

Even if you’ve never written a word of copy in your life.

Many of the marketers, entrepreneurs, and copywriters who began to EXCEL with the formulaic secrets inside this handbook were the ones who…

❌ Were previously stuck in cycles of stress, with “halfway done” promos they KNOW could work… but copy was slowing them down.

​❌ Already tried hiring freelancers, full-time employees, or even consultants to grow and scale… yet those “specialists” failed to back up their promises (again).

❌ Felt burned or hesitant of other consultants, coaches, or copywriters in the past… and they are skeptical of investing in someone who over-promises, under-delivers.

❌​ Were previously feeling overwhelmed, were too busy, or spread too thin, or STRESSED OUT because they decided writing everything on their own.

❌ ​Felt deceived by ongoing claims they hear from gurus and push-button programs they see online.

❌ Were afraid to give up control... when, deep down, they knew they needed to let go.

❌ Stuck with anxiety-provoking tasks of nailing down a  "brand voice" - striking that fine balance where your copy makes offers shine, and makes your offers extremely profitable too.

❌Knew their business had traction... yet were not financially free, not making enough sales, or not living the life they want.

❌ Felt RUSHED, stressed out, or worried, because they don't have enough TIME.

❌ And on and on it goes!

This handbook serves the best secrets to you on a silver platter - without needing to spend over $120,000+ on mentors over the years - or nearly a decade in the trenches - like I did.

(And, without needing to pay a minimum of $10,000 + commissions for a veteran copywriter to do this FOR you.)

Before we go any further, here’s a cautionary message:

I’ve Witnessed Stubborn Marketers Go From Nothing, To Earning 7-Figures FAST  - Then  Suddenly Lost it ALL Because They Ignored The Wisdom In This Handbook

I'll come right out and say it.

Most people won’t share how often today’s marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs end up stalling, quitting, and even ending up in bankruptcy more often than we’re led to believe…

🚫 In fact, according to Small Biz Trends, 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and 50% fail in their fifth year.

🚫 Research from Entrepreneur Magazine shows that 90% of online businesses fail after about 4 months.

🚫 Additional studies and surveys revealed that most of these failures occur when a business' unique messaging doesn't resonate with their audience.

🚫 They don’t know how to market,  write, and sell in a way that can launch them to the top faster and easier than their competition.


🚫 Their copy fell flat, or was too generic or salesy.

🚫 They couldn't stand out with a unique and compelling message.

🚫 And their conversions SUFFERED.

Yet we’re just scratching the surface.

The Authority Copywriting Handbook SIMPLIFIES EVERYTHING In Less Than 100 Powerful Pages…

The truth is…

Right now, as you are reading every word of this page…

We are also facing an immense amount of opportunity to seize the wealth and fulfillment we desire through modern marketing and entrepreneurship…

And great copy is the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to get there FAST.

The GREAT news is…

☑️ Information marketing is now a $300 billion industry, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

☑️ Influencer marketing is now an industry worth over $15 BILLION, according to Business Insider.

☑️ According to the Content Marketing Institute, 94% of B2B brands also create significant and measurable results from leading influencer marketing methodologies.

☑️ And writing that compelling copy that captivates, connects, AND converts has always proven to the fastest and easiest way to generate these types of results.

Now, Copywriters and Marketers of All Skill Levels Are Turning To The SIMPLIFIED Principles Inside of This Handbook So They Can…

✅ Leverage century-old, proven copywriting principles to build a massive following of hungry buyers and loyal fans who want to buy from you over and over…

✅ Attract IDEAL clients and customers – and push away the ones who create unwanted stress in business and life…

✅ Feel more comfortable - and natural - with the intimidating process of high-level copywriting…

✅ Look at their own business, offers, and marketing strategies from the lens of a high-powered marketer and “veteran” consultant…

✅ See how to write copy in their own brand voice – or a client’s brand voice - in a way that CONVERTS…

✅ Acquire the skill to virtually "write your own checks" - when you just commit to it…

✅ OWN the confidence to know they’re making the right decision with every single word they write…

✅ Write copy that connects with the RIGHT people and gets the RIGHT people to buy…

✅ Write in a way that gets people excited - WITHOUT coming across as boring, pushy, or salesy…

✅ Or anything in between.

Everything inside this handbook has been compiled, thoroughly edited, re-tested, and refined over and over since 2013…

…but the truth is, many of these “Authority Copywriting Principles” were already used by some most influential people in human history

Here’s Another Preview of What You're About To Uncover...

✔️ The same 8 secrets the world’s top copywriters use to actually “assemble” high converting funnels, instead of “writing” them

✔️  The stupid simple formula for crafting irresistible headlines AND HOOKS that grab readers amongst the sea of noise, and get them to take action

✔️ Proven techniques to tap into your audience’s deepest emotions and motivations, forging strong connections that drive customer loyalty

✔️ The art of storytelling and how to weave narratives that engage and resonate with your readers, creating memorable brand experiences

✔️ ONE thing you must do before finding the killer hook for your offers which will make prospects knock down your door to work with you

✔️ How to know if you’re using the right words before you even begin writing. No more stressing or second guessing yourself

✔️ Why you always have to give great content in your copy, even if your goal is to sell as many of your programs as possible

✔️ The simple “10-minute method” I use to create a powerful, persuasive brand-voice which attracts the type of clients you would love

✔️ How you to eliminate the guesswork in your copy, your USPs, and your sales messages so you start hitting home runs with ease

✔️ The uncommon reason why info marketers who get to 7 figures in revenue can lose suddenly see their profits plummet, seemingly out of nowhere… and how to avoid it (and it has nothing to do with your copy, your products, or your backstory)

✔️ THREE simple tweaks you’ll need to guarantee your copy never comes across as pushy and salesy - and is seen by your clients as helpful and convenient

✔️ The 30-second secret you can use to write compelling headlines that suck in your audience's attention and get them ready to buy

✔️ What you should never do with your email list if you want to get maximum sales from it. It’ll seem weird, yet I’ll show you why it makes sense

✔️ The truth about good ads, and how making ONE simple mistake can suddenly burn out your entire advertising budget without giving you ROI

✔️ The 3 elements you must focus on before writing a single word of copy to virtually guarantee sales

✔️ How to always stay ahead of your competitors, even if they steal what you create and write!

✔️ How you can create a first impression which makes you irresistible to potential clients and customers 

✔️ The "veteran-level" accelerated training and copywriting shortcuts to “churn out” hooks and headlines that create 6 and 7-figure product lines

✔️ An arsenal additional bonus training for building a high-integrity brand with a distinct brand voice, with an amazing backstory that can help you dominate your niche FAST
✔️ The authentic, elusive and century-old persuasion principles that eliminate the need for complicated funnels and salesy call scripts

✔️ ​Structured shortcuts and copywriting secrets for building a high-profile, high-integrity brand and creating a flood of conversions without coming across as "sleazy"… and WITHOUT working harder than you need to

✔️ ​The "A-List Cheatsheet" to help simplify and streamline your entire writing processes - and eliminate your worries about what to write, who to delegate to, and whether or not your copy will convert
✔️ Uncover some of the same storytelling systems I've used to create winning, authentic sales funnels for some of the top influencers around - in a way that conveys personality AND builds trust

✔️ Understand how to quickly hone the skills and confidence you’d need to know whether or not your sales pages, ads, and funnels were set up to convert BEFORE you even launch

✔️ Get an inside look at how world-class copywriters and marketers write 6 and 7-figure campaigns while building a highly responsive list of people who know, like, and trust you

✔️ Get the chance to stop relying on complicated funnels and sleazy sales scripts for GOOD (and let your writing do all the talking FOR you)

✔️ Discover the secret for writing higher-converting landing pages fast, and see firsthand how you can do the same thing for yourself without needing to worry about what to write, who to entrust to, and whether or not your copy will convert
✔️ Effective persuasion techniques, to overcome objections, build trust, and effortlessly guide your audience towards making confident buying decisions

✔️ And more…

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re A Serial Entrepreneur, Newbie Freelancer, An In-House Marketer, a Start-Up, or Anything In Between…

…The Beginner-Friendly Secrets in This Handbook Give You The Skills You’ll Need To Transform a Small or “Average” Business Into an Industry Leader.

Here's What You're About To Get Once You Click The Button Below...

  • BONUS 1: Authority Sales Page Swipe Files, Containing World Class Copy That Was Responsible for Generating 6-Figure Promos for Prestigious Clients
  • BONUS 2: “Automatic Authority” Video Training and Target Audience Cheat Sheets
  • BONUS 3: The Authority Brand Voice Guide, So You Can Quickly Capture An Authentic Brand Voice That Captivates... AND Converts Insanely Well
  • BONUS 4: The Authority "Cheatsheet" You Can Run Your Copy Through in 30 Seconds, So You Know Whether or Not It Will Convert BEFORE You Launch
  • TOTAL: $383.90
Only $383.90+

Your Investment is Just


- ONLY On This Page You're On Right Now

The Authority Copywriting Handbook
Is Built Upon 8 Scalable and PROVEN Secrets...


I decided to exclusively share these methods with a small handful of tight-knit mastermind groups - all behind closed doors.

But for MANY years…

The methods inside of the Authority Copywriting Handbook were ONLY shared with a small, hand-picked group of private clients and in-house teams I’ve worked with.


Simple “Copy Tweaks” That Transform a $97 Sale Into A $9,997 Sale

Positioning any product or service as *THE* choice for your audience is an advanced skill that ONLY the most-respected copy veterans use…

In fact, most “newer” marketers and copywriters won’t get to this level until they’ve reached 7, 8, or 9 years of experience or more.


To make this happen as fast as possible in your career….

You’ll need to thoroughly understand what you’re selling, who you're selling to, and HOW you will sell it…

And you need to deeply understand your prospects, their pain points, and their dream scenarios.

And you’ll need to effectively differentiate your product or service ABOVE all your competitors --- and do this all on your first try…

That’s why I’m going to show you the exact copy shortcut secrets that’ll take your writing to a higher level right away...

And we’ll debunk all the “traditional” but ineffective copywriting rules that still float around in unreliable forums and shady social media ads.

(There’s a reason we’re told “not to trust everyone on the internet.”)


A Century-Old “Formula” for Virtually Positioning ANY Offer or Business As An Industry-Leading Authority… 

Even If You’re Just Starting Out

As you dig deeper inside of the Authority Copywriting Handbook…

You’ll uncover “dirty marketing secrets'' like…

✔️ Systematic email strategies to help you dominate the highly profitable “info marketing” space, even if you have all the competition in the world.

✔️ How to take shortcuts and define what your eager and hungry clientele really wants, and compel them to buy from you - anything starting from books to events to courses, and do it consistently.

✔️ Speaking and writing directly to your potential clients in a manner that conveys personality... and gains rapid respect, trust, and rapport.

✔️ Positioning yourself as a sought-after authority and expert in a small fraction of the time.

✔️ 3 ways to gain more respect and how to potentially raise your prices and your conversion rates with no extra work.


Discover Why First Impressions Are EVERYTHING...

And Why “Bad Impressions” Lead to Failure

The ones who “rush to the words” too quickly are the ones who won’t last.

Before ANY word of copy is written…

You need to understand your target audience better than they know themselves…

Plus, you’ll see…

✅ Why final drafts of your copy are the last things you should concern yourself with... (There are three other things you should focus on first. Once you have these little elements down, your most powerful copy will practically write itself.)

✅ How focusing on benefit-driven copy is likely killing all chances of your ads, VSLs, emails, and landing pages from being more successful. (Crazy, huh?)

✅ Why an “amazing copy” is NOT even the most important element for grabbing your readers’ attention. (Did you know the best online copywriters barely even focus on just the headlines and subject lines these days?)

✅ And more...


Uncover The Power of Relationships! The Deeper Secrets to Successfully Authority Marketing

Some of the most successful marketers believe that in almost every task, 80% of your results come from only 20% of your FOCUSED actions.

However, not one in1 0,000 marketers ever really figured out that those “20% FOCUSED actions” should be used to build - and nurture - long-term relationships with your target market.


The truth is that it can be really simple…

And this handbook will allow you to effortlessly connect the dots the same way marketers and copywriters dominate their competition as they rise up into a “go-to leader” in their niche.

The result:

They become more respected, better paid, and held in higher regard than your competitors…

- Even if you haven’t written enough winners (yet).

- Even if you’re not confident in your writing, in what you’re doing, or where you’re going in your career.

- Even if your knees buckle under pressure.

- Even if you’re lightyears away from where you want to be.


More High-Level Shortcuts for Scaling Multiple Offers, Through Authority Copywriting…

Here’s a hint:

One of the fastest ways to reinforce - and accelerate - your learning is to be proactive…

And since reading is a passive activity…

I’ve gone a step further and included well-placed copywriting secrets throughout the book that distill big chunks of wisdom into a simple, quick exercise you can do anywhere to churn out powerful copy fast.


I’ve even included a full audio version of the handbook…

And recorded each chapter into downloadable, shareable, and easily accessible MP3 files…

So you can take the handbook on the go with you and hammer these principles…

In the car…

At the gym…

And heck, even while you sleep…

Just remember:

Reviewing just ONE 10-minute audio chapter can make the difference between a “break-even” campaign and a “scalable, 6-figure-profit campaign”

SECRETS #6, #7, AND #8…



See, maybe you haven't heard of me.

Maybe you aren't sure if The Authority Copywriting Handbook is something you should get right now, or if it's something you’d rather buy later.

Either way, I'm offering you a refund policy so you can try this out and see firsthand whether or not the system can work for you

Otherwise, you have an unheard-of 365-day, ONE-YEAR full refund policy.

If, for any reason at all you have difficulty implementing the system, or if you feel lost or dis-satisfied for ANY reason whatsoever...

Which is very rare...

Just email me at and I’ll take care of you.

Obviously, the vast majority of copywriters, marketers, and mentors won't even offer a guarantee or refund policy that comes close to this.

Chances are, that’s because they don't believe in their products as much as they claim to.

And that's fine.

But I'm confident that you'll see amazing, short-term AND long-term results with the Authority Copywriting Handbook, starting as soon as today.

Just follow it as outlined and make the system for WORK you.

Now, Think About These 2 Simple Questions
As We Dive Deeper Into The Handbook:


What Could Happen When You Have The FINALLY 8 Proven Writing Skills That Were Discreetly Used By Respected Influencers From Around The Globe?


What If This Handbook Was SO SIMPLE To Use, That You Could See Boosts In Conversions Within 30 Days of Applying it...

...Even When You’re Stressed Out, Tired of Writing, or Want To Get More Things Done Faster?



($364.00 Value)



Position Yourself As A Go-To Expert As You “Swipe and Deploy” The Highest-Performing Campaigns I've Created For Famous Influencers

The Authority Sales Page Swipe Files contain 70 tightly-packed pages of the highest-performing campaigns created for some of the highest-profile marketers within the past decade...

The ones that I PERSONALLY created for renowned influencers, real-life celebrities, and respected thought leaders.

Now, it's ALL yours for the taking:

✔️ Discover how to quickly “assemble” high-compelling copy that converts like crazy for the most profitable niches around - without seemingly overly salesy or sleazy.

✔️ I’ll take you by the hand and unveil the secret mechanics that veteran copywriters with 25 and 30 years of experience use.

✔️ See how to "assemble" your next campaign with proven formulas that churn out attention-stealing hooks, persuasive big ideas, and marketing angles to help you sell offers for 2x-3x your current prices.

✔️ Enjoy absolute peace of mind by understanding how to become YOUR OWN best copywriter… OR, how to easily oversee and manage the copywriters you DO hire.



Get The Veteran Marketer's "Fast-Track Copy Method" For Transforming A Business Into A Leading Authority - Even If You're Still New to Your Industry

Most people understand that today's alternative health, coaching, and course creator markets are SWARMING with thousands of high-paying clients and customers who NEED what you’ve already got…

So, what if you could laser-focus your messaging and learn how to write persuasive copy that speacks directly to the core buying needs of a massive hungry audience?

✅ Did you know GREAT AUDIENCE RESEARCH is a massive shortcut to closing high-ticket clients and making more high-ticket sales online and offline?

✅ Upgrade any webinar, email sequence, or even full-fledged marketing campaigns with professional checklists designed to convert browsers into buyers.

 ✅ You’ll see exactly how to get inside the heads of people who are desperately looking for your product or service.

✅ Then, you’ll see how to write copy that will literally force them to buy what you’re selling. (It's not mind-reading, but it's pretty close.)

✅ There are simple formulas to grabbing your prospect's ​undivided attention… no matter what niche you’re writing for… and I’ll give you these formulas so you can just swipe, write, and deploy them in LESS than half the usual time.

✅ Close more sales using my proven "Automatic Authority" ​technique and stop worrying about aggressive or salesy copy, say goodbye to toiling over your words, and cease stressing over headlines and deadlines.

✅ Uncover the "Sales Hook Generation Method" – a simple way to boost conversions by “spying” on your so-called competitors. Uncover unique hooks, big ideas, and angles that produce 6 and 7-figure results... and you can literally do it within just a couple of hours.



Use This 90-Second “Copy Checklist” To Know How Well Your Copy Will Convert BEFORE You Even Launch It 

✅ Take 90 Seconds to run ANY piece of copy through this checklist, and “predict” how well your copy will potentially convert

✅ Use this checklist before you run any campaign, post any content, send any email, and drive traffic to any landing page – adding this 90-second checklist to your copywriting routine helps you create a flood of conversions without working harder than you need to.

✅ Avoid wasting time, counterproductive guesswork and get straight to the core desires of your target audience as you read their minds and CONNECT with them through copy like an A-List copywriter would.



Discover Powerful Formulas For Capturing Your Niche-Specific, Authentic Brand Voice that 
Captivates, Convinces, Connects... 

And that Converts

- The Authority Copywriting Brand Voice Guide contains key components for dialing in your message in a way that creates a herd of long-term followers while creating a high-integrity brand you'll be extremely proud of...

- Gain comprehensive skills that you'll need to integrate an authentic brand voice into century-old conversion principles that work for virtually any industry...

- Understand how to infuse industry-leading copy secrets and add these as "copy jet fuel" as you create more attention-grabbing headlines, angles, and hooks that drive people to take action...

- Discover How to Create Winning Copy That Conveys Your Brand Personality And Attracts more Right-Fit Customers and Clients To Your Business

And more.



Hire a World-Class Copywriter, Mentor, or Mastermind For A MINIMUM of $10,000-$20,000 + Commission…

This is an option if you have money to spend; however, you're at the mercy of fully trusting a copywriter without being able to master these skills for yourself. Plus, you’re constrained by their schedule and burdened with unnecessary worries and uncertainty. (Plus, with no guarantee that you'll make your hard-earned money back.)


Try Things The Hard Way - Ripping through 1000s of Pages of Training, Buying More Courses, Hiring Amateurs, or Continuing to Write “Hit-or-Miss” Copy While Praying For The Best...

 The problem is when your copy fails, you won't know why it failed... and it can cost you (or your clients) a lot of time AND money to fix the problem (if you can even fix it).

Or The Third Option:

To Get The Best Of ALL Worlds With Minimal Risk - And With The Least Effort…

I can’t guarantee that The Authority Copywriting Handbook will work for you as soon as tomorrow.

I can’t promise you’ll pull in 5, 6, or 7 figures or more in sales on every campaign you write.

I can’t promise you can transform a “limp” campaign into a 7-figure foundation that can take you as far as you want.

What I CAN promise you is this:

You can assemble, “swipe,” and repeat this Authority Copywriting recipe over and over - to transform yourself into your own rockstar A-List copywriter - and create complete dominance as you start commanding larger results and an explosion of long-term conversions you scale to the top of your niche.

Make The Smart Choice And Get Your Digital Copy Of The Book Right Now, 

Plus The Bonus Audiobook and Your Immense Package of High-Powered Bonus Training…


ONLY  $383.90+

Your Investment For EVERYTHING is Just


- ONLY On This Page You're On Right Now

What is the Authority Copywriting Handbook about, and why is it so effective?

The Authority Copywriting Handbook isn't just about taking your copywriting skills to the next level.

The reason it works is because I've tested it for years…

These are also principles that today’s industry-leading coaches, influencers, health and wellness brands, and e-commerce companies follow to stay at the top of the food chain.

Up until recently, I've taught other marketers how to use it ONLY in private settings.

I've also trained in-house teams with the principles inside the handbook.

Now, it’s your turn.

Then all you have to do is refine your skills by using your bonus Accelerated Authority Handbook Training and then deploy the other copywriting tools inside the book, the audio training, and more.

But that's just the BEGINNING…

How Will I Benefit from the Authority Copywriting Handbook?

If you want to make more money for every effort you make and every marketing dollar you spend, and if you are interested in improving your skills AND building insanely successful promos…

Then make it easy on yourself…

Rip through this handbook, and before you’re even halfway done, you can easily improve your skill sets and your confidence just as you start to apply what’s inside the first couple of chapters.
Once you have that foundation, then you have to simply apply what you’re learning…

Measure your progress…

Rinse, repeat, and polish what you’ve already created, and use this formulaic method to create an unstoppable snowball of growth.

What kind of copy will the Authority Copywriting Handbook help me write?

The Authority Copywriting Handbook is something I created as I began hitting my stride and hitting back-to-back home run promos for prestigious companies…

After I knocked out multiple 6-figure promos in 2 back-to-back months…

While I helped multi-million-dollar, industry-leading influencers with successful product launches…

As I churned out 40 to 50 pages of copy in less than a week and did it repeatedly in order to have a steady flow of promos that could do 5, 6, or 7 figures for my first few clients…

And as I reverse-engineered some of the most influential businesses, politicians, and renowned influencers that graced human history over the past 125 years.

Over the past few years, I obsessively edited everything inside the handbook. I turned it all up into high gear as I began using these principles to write winning promo after winning promo for real-life celebrities, thought leaders, world-class mastermind leaders, and high-powered entrepreneurs…

While doing it in a couple of days, if not just a few short hours.

It works for VSLs, Facebook Ads, email copy, long-form sales pages, landing pages, and every other facet you’ll need to write ads that generate money.

The secret is to first uncover an unbreakable hook and big idea with minimal guesswork and distill it down into a few short words in a way that will shock your audience and cease their attention right away.

The thing is, most copywriters and marketers overcomplicate this process... 

And the vast majority take 5 years or more to get REALLY good at this.

 But once you master the skills with the shortcuts and blueprints inside, you'll know the “technical” side of writing high-converting promos, short and long copy, and whatever you'll need to get done, get paid, and make the sale.

Like I said, if you don't have the authority-building secrets and the powerful formula for breaking down the process of building rock-solid hooks and ideas, your copy will fall flat, fail, or underperform.

What’s Included in The Authority Copywriting Handbook and What Does it Do FOR Me or My Team?

These Authority Copywriting Secrets consist of step-by-step, bite-size chapters containing powerful marketing wisdom for:

Entrepreneurs looking to cut overhead and DRASTICALLY boost sales…

Beginner copywriters looking to up their game and build their track record…

Intermediate marketers, solopreneurs, and copywriters who are trying to go from ‘decent’ to ‘great’...

Ambitious marketers who want to exceed multiple 6 or 7 figures…

Newer marketers who want to take the shortcut to become a highly respected, highly profitable authority in their niche…

Freelancers who want to expand their services or build their name in this insanely lucrative niche…

Coaches, influencers, consultants, and company execs who want to systematize their entire copywriting and messaging operations and streamline their profitability…

But if you’re anything like this, the handbook certainly is NOT for you:

X- Entrepreneurs who give in to “defeat” and are okay with being mediocre

X- Business owners who are okay with spending too much on sub-par campaigns

X- Coaches, executives, influencers, or marketers that don’t want more conversions and higher-paying customers and clients

X- Marketing pros with plenty of time to waste

X- Copywriters who are able to refine their work without the pressure of a looming deadline


You’re also getting unrestricted access to hours of powerful bonus training, audio coaching, workbooks, and a quickstart checklist to help you market and rise up as a leader and simplify your entire path.

Is this a special offer or can I get it somewhere else?

Right now, it’s on

But THIS page is where you will get instant access to it, with an immense amount of savings, along with the amazing Accelerated Authority Bonuses.

If you see this offer right in front of you, then it’s available… for now.

But it’s not something I’ll offer much longer.

Maybe that sounds cliche to you, but there is no BS here.

You're here reading this page and extremely interested in this handbook; that’s why you’re still here.

That shows us you're smart, so we don't need to BS each other. Everything you see in front of you speaks for itself.

What if I need help or have questions about the Authority Copywriting Handbook?

Everything inside the The Authority Copywriting Handbook has been laid out to make things as simple as possible for you.

But I understand questions may arise, so if anything comes up, you can simply email me for support, or even book a call so you can chat with me privately and in total confidence. You can reach me here:

What Results* Can I Expect from The Authority Copywriting Handbook?

Once you rip through The Authority Copywriting Handbook TODAY…

You could have the thorough understanding you’ll need to create a high-converting sales page or email series written as soon as tomorrow.

One that also repositions you, your business, or your offers in a way that puts your head and shoulders above your competition.

You can repeat formulaic methods over and over…

Starting in a few minutes from now...

And rapidly improve your marketing and messaging and achieve a level of mastery faster and easier than you could’ve imagined.

Is this handbook legit? Is there a refund policy?

This is a very legitimate question.

And I get it.

See, maybe you haven't heard of me.

Maybe you aren't sure if the handbook is something you should get right now or if it's something you’d rather buy tomorrow.

Either way, I'm offering you a refund policy so you can try this out and see firsthand whether or not the handbook can work for you.

If, for any reason at all, you have difficulty implementing the handbook, feel free to contact me or my assistant through the contact info provided above.

Otherwise, you have an unheard-of 365-day, full ONE-YEAR refund policy.

Just email me at

Obviously, the vast majority of marketers, entrepreneurs, copywriters, and mentors won't even offer a guarantee or refund policy that comes close to this...

Chances are, they don't believe in their products as much as they claim to.

And that's fine.

But I'm confident in what I do, and if you look me up on, LinkedIn, Google, or Youtube, then you'll see exactly why I created the Method and the way I can back it up.

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